March 14 official demands clarifications from Jamaa Islamiyah


March 14 General Secretariat coordinator Fares Soueid demanded on Saturday that MP al-Hout and Jamaa Islamiyah should clear the statements over the al-Fajr Brigades in order to put an end to any speculations,”

Soueid expressed surprise over the presence of an armed branch affiliated with the Jamaa Islamiyah.

“We stress that the March 14 allies are struggling to move to the state which is the only competent side tasked with defending Lebanon,” a statement by Soueid said.

Soueid noted that any weapons outside the Lebanese state “under any pretext” are unacceptable.

Jamaa Islamiyah’s MP Imad al-Hout unveiled on Saturday the creation of al-Fajr Brigades as the armed branch of the group.

He stressed that the group doesn’t want to control resistance in Lebanon and will only use its arms if the national security was under threat, “the weapons should only be used against Israel and shouldn’t be targeted towards the Lebanese.”.

He slammed those who are using sedition and sectarian rhetoric to create a rift between Lebanese. In a possible reference to Hezbollah

“They will not succeed in their plan,” al-Hout said during a seminar in Akkar.

He criticized the cabinet’s performance, stressing that it will “fall as soon as the Syrian regime collapses.”

Concerning the defense strategy, al-Hout stated that it’s unacceptable that one side controls the resistance.

“All the Lebanese people… should be under the state’s sovereignty,” he said.