Syria’s SNC chief slams Hezbollah and Iran


Syrian National Council President Burhan Ghalioun slammed on Friday the Lebanese Hezbollah militant group and its backers in Iran .

What Hezbollah chief ( Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah ) is saying about the Syrian opposition does not suit him as a cleric or as a leader of a resistance group.

He stressed that Syria will turn into a democratic system that “does not kill the Lebanese and does not interfere in the Lebanese affairs.

Commenting on Iran he said that the opposition’s problem is not with Tehran but with rulers in Tehran who deny the Syrian people’s rights.

Ghalioun told Al-Arabiya television during the interview that Syria will be a democratic, sovereign state.

Asked about Syrian-Lebanese relations after the revolution ends, he said: “When Syria transforms from a dictatorship to a democracy, we will develop relations of cooperation… and not interfere in the Lebanese internal affairs.”

On his statement that relations will be cut with Hezbollah after the Syrian regime falls,

Ghalioun denies having said that he will cut relations with Hezbollah after the Syrian regime falls, but stressed that Hezbollah will change too

“I said we will have relations of mutual respect, and I added that I do not think Hezbollah will be the same after the Syrian] regime falls.”

Ghalioun also commented on the Syrian crisis and said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should step down before considering a solution that involves negotiations.

In a related development the leader of the Free Syrian army, colonel Riyadh al-Asaad accused the Syrian regime of president Bashar al Assad of being behind the explosion that took place in the Damascus neighborhood of Al-Midan on Friday.

Earlier today the Syrian Local Coordination Committees also accused the Syrian regime of being behind the blast.

According to the most recent reports the blast resulted in the killing of 25 people and the wounding of 60

According to reports coming from Damascus, the Syrian government was well prepared for the incident had cameras, ambulances and reporters at the scene of the explosion when it occurred to prove to the world that terrorists were behind the blast .