Syrian National Council launched its official website


The Syrian National Council on Wednesday launched its official website which it described as another milestone as it enhances its media and public relations efforts to ensure quick communication of that information about the Syrian Revolution.

“This development marks another milestone as the SNC enhances its media and public relations efforts to ensure that information about the Syrian Revolution and the SNC’s progress are communicated quickly and efficiently,” the SNC said in a statement issued by the opposition group.

The SNC website is still under construction but will include in the future information about the organization, its aims and vision and how it plans to accomplish its goals

The Syrian National Council, sometimes known as ( SNC), the Syrian National Transitional Council, or the National Council of Syria is a partially recognized government in exile of Syria based in Istanbul, Turkey started as a Syrian opposition coalition created during the 2011 Syrian uprising against the government of Bashar al-Assad. After the formation, the council itself asked for international recognition, but denied seeking to play the role of a government in exile , but this changed a few months later, when violence in Syria became increasingly intense. SNC runs the Free Syrian Army, a paramilitary that is composed of defected Syrian Armed Forces personnel, who have been active during the uprising.