UNHCR: 3,798 registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon


There are now 3,798 Syrian refugees registered with The U.N. High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) , and with Lebanon’s High Relief Committee. Most of the refugees are residing with host families in “difficult circumstances” according to a statement by the agency.

The statement said aid, including food, fuel and clothes have been distributed to the refugees for the month of November.

UNHCR said Friday that 159 Syrian refugees have registered with the agency in northern Lebanon since last week.

The remainder, who number over 200, are housed in rehabilitated abandoned schools. Another three shelters are currently being refurbished “should there be a need in the future.”

“According to reports, Syrian army forces are heavily deployed on the border. There are also reports that there are mines planted on the Syrian side. These measures can lead to the decrease of the number of people capable of fleeing to Lebanon .”