Downfall of Syrian regim, Lebanon’s government inevitable, Soueid


During an interview with Future News on Thursday , March 14 General Secretariat coordinator Fares Soueid said that “the downfall of the Syrian regime and Lebanon’s government is inevitable ” and urged the lebanese people to prepare themselves “for a transitional period.”

Soueid stressed that the current government in Lebanon “is the product of the Syrian regime.”

He added that “the excessive use of violence in Syria might keep the Syrian regime standing for a few weeks; however the government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati will not last that long.”

I urge the Lebanese people to prepare themselves for a transitional period” , he said

Soueid also added that “it looks like there is an agreement between Makati’s government and Israel to support President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.”

“Yemen, Israel and Lebanon’s government are the only countries trying to maintain the survival of the Syrian regime,” Soueid said.

The Arab League voted on Saturday to suspend Syria’s membership in the organization and on Wednesday it confirmed the suspension and gave the Syrian regime three days to halt months of deadly violence against its people or face economic sanctions.

Lebanon, Syria and Yemen voted against Saturday’s resolution while Iraq abstained.

Israel has been extremely concerned about the Syrian uprising . The head of Israel’s defense ministry’s diplomatic-security bureau warned on Tuesday of a possible “Islamic empire” if Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad were to be ousted. Amos Gilad said that the removal of the Syrian leader would lead to a “devastating crisis for Israel.”

If Assad is ousted by the popular revolt, Gilad said that the Middle East would be facing an Islamic empire led by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

The current government is completely controlled by Hezbollah which like Israel also supports the Assad regime and is opposed to the pro-democracy uprising in Syria.

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