Bahrain says breaks up cell plotting attacks


Bahrain said on Saturday a cell planning to “target” the Interior Ministry building, the Saudi embassy in the kingdom and a causeway linking the island state with neighbouring Saudi Arabia had been broken and its members captured.

The state news agency BNA quoted an Interior Ministry spokesman as saying that four Bahraini members of the cell were captured by authorities in neighbouring Qatar after they entered the Gulf Arab state by land from Saudi Arabia and found them to be in possession of documents and a computer that included details on vital installations.

Update: Significant cash amounts in US dollars and Iranian Tomans were also found with the cell members . The Qatari Security Authority questioned the suspects and inquiries in Qatar revealed that the suspects had illegally left Bahrain after being incited by others to head to Iran, passing through Qatar and Syria, to establish a group that carries out armed terrorist operations in Bahrain against vital establishments and individuals, Bahraini News Agency reported




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