Syrian Mufti: Assad wants to step down after implementing reforms


Syria’s top Sunni Muslim cleric Mufti Ahmed Badereddine Hassoun on Monday told the German Der Spiegel magazine that Syrian president Bashar al Assad intends to step down as soon as he implements the promised reforms and focus on practicing his medical profession .

He told Der Spiegel that Assad does not intend to be president for life and wants to step down as soon as free multi-party elections are held

He added that Assad has always been dreaming about setting up and running an eye clinic

‘I am telling this to Europe and the United States: We will set up suicide attackers who now live on your land in case you bomb Syria or Lebanon,’ Mufti Ahmed Badereddine Hassoun said in a video posted on Al Arabiya television’s website.

Hassoun was addressing a delegation of Lebanese women who had come to offer their condolences for his son’s death.

Hassoun renewed his threat against military intervention in Syria and warned that such an intervention will set the world on fire

Last month he threatened to order suicide bombings in the United States and Europe if his country was attacked by them

He urged the Europeans to be more committed to Syria .

On Sunday, British newspaper Sunday Telegraph quoted Hassoun as saying that he wants the one party rule abolished in Syria and wants free elections to be held within 6 months

Hassoun’s 22-year-old son, Sariya ( see insert) , was assassinated on October 2nd in an ambush on the road between Idlib and Aleppo in front of a university .

Hassoun is considered to be a firm ally of President Assad and a very controversial cleric .