Bassil says March 14 is represented in the cabinet


Energy Minister Gebran Bassil said in an interview with An-Nahar newspaper published on Friday that “March 14 is represented in the government, but with new faces.”

“We feel that we are facing a more violent resistance against our reform path than before,” Bassil said in a possible reference to the ministers that represent the Progressive Socialist Party ( PSP) which is headed by MP Walid Jumblatt.

Jumblatt who was a key member of March 14 alliance defected to the Hezbollah led alliance in August 2009 and in 2011 he voted in favor of PM Nagib Mikati as the new prime minister .

Bassil also said that the government did not carry out what it was expected to do.

“Hezbollah is postponing the battle inside the government and neutralizing itself,” Bassil added.

“Hezbollah cannot just sit down and and watch the mistakes being committed; the Resistance cannot fight Israel at the border and not fight corruption inside the government.” He said

Reported circulated in Beirut last Thursday about heated verbal clashes that took place during Wednesday night’s cabinet session between Progressive Socialist Party and Free Patriotic Movement ministers.

This would not have been the first time that a member of the PSP clashed with FPM ministers. The two groups clashed over the energy plan that was presented by FPM’s Bassil before it was amended and approved by the cabinet and parliament last September.

Similarly today MP Michel Aoun said that the cabinet is not one color government and called on Hezbollah to fight corruption inside the cabinet .