2 killed in Baalbeck clashes


Two people were killed in a clash in Baalbek’s neighborhood of Sharawneh in Lebanon on Thursday.

A member of the Al-Jaafar clan was killed, reported the National News Agency, adding that a Palestinian boy from the Al Jalil Palestinian Refugee camp “was accidentally shot dead.”

One member Al-Jaafar clan was also wounded in his leg

The clash which involved gunfire and explosives reportedly took place after members of the Al-Jaafar clan attempted to kidnap a member of the Al-Rifai clan, who managed to escape

The residents of the Al Jalil Palestinian Refugee camp protested against the killing by setting tires on fire

Prime Minister Najib Mikati contacted Interior Minister Marwan Charbel and Army Chief of Staff Walid Salman to follow up on the Baalbeck incident , National News Agency reported.

According to the report, Mikati called for “being strict in controlling the situation.”