Free Patriotic Movement MP Nabil Nicolas rejected on Saturday evening during an interview with New TV an . electoral law proposal which will limit the voters to vote for their own candidates of their sects calling such a proposal “very dangerous because it divides the Lebanese people along sectarian lines and increases intolerance.”

“This would lead to a federal state based on sects,” Nicolas said , voicing hope that “the Christian committee of the Maronite patriarchate will produce an acceptable and reasonable proposal.”

Lebanese political parties are debating a new electoral law for the upcoming 2013 parliamentary elections. Some political parties such as the PSP has opposed the proposed law which is based on proportional representation and is insisting on keeping the 2009 electoral law, which is based on simple majority representation, some Christian parties are concerned that Shiites and Sunnis are electing their Christian representatives and therefore want smaller electoral districts with each sect to electing its own representatives

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