Lebanon MP slams Hezbollah over Iran ties


March 14 MP Mohammad Kabbara slammed Hezbollah over its ties with Iran, after the militant group threatened during the weekend to cut off any foreign hand that reached into Lebanon.

“We agree with Hezbollah MP Mohammad Raad on one thing and that is that we will cut off the hands that would be extended to the country from outside, but who is the foreign hand? Isn’t it the armed militias that are affiliated with the outside specifically Hezbollah and its ties to Iran?” Kabbara told reporters in Tripoli.

“We should cut off the hand that extends from outside, whether from Israel, Tehran, or from your ally’s in Damascus,” Kabbara said.

Raad warned the March 14 parties Sunday that Hezbollah’s patience and tolerance with their campaigns against them have limits, saying any foreign intervention in Lebanon will be stopped by the resistance.

Kabbara also accused Hezbollah of standing in the way of the Lebanese Army. He expressed doubt about Hezbollah’s professed support for the army stressing that the army is the only means to protect the country.