MP Gemayel: Hezbollah has no right to make unilateral decisions


Phalange party bloc MP Sami Gemayel said in a statement on Tuesday that Hezbollah “has no right” to take decisions on behalf of the country to fight Israel without referring to the Lebanese state.

“Hezbollah does not have the right to impose on us its decision to confront Israel without addressing it in parliament,” Gemayel said

He added that “all those who collaborate with foreign states become foreign agents”, in reference to Hezbollah’s collaboration with Iran and Syria

Gemayel added that “political sectarianism” in Lebanon cannot be abolished “as long as religious and sectarian parties still exist” in the country. Again he is referring to Hezbollah ” Party of God” a Shiite party

Gemayel hinted that Hezbollah’s relations with Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt are “not healthy,” because these relations are based on Jumblatt’s “fear” of the Shiite group.

Jumblatt defected from March 14 alliance to his formal political rivals, Hezbollah , Syria and allies in 2009 following the parliamentary election . All Jumblatt’s MPs were elected by March 14 alliance in 2009 .