Lebanon frees and deports 2 kidnapped Syrians


Two Syrians nationals who were kidnapped in the Bekaa on August 26, were deported by General Security National News Agency reported on Thursday.

According to the report an armed group on Friday kidnapped the two Syrian nationals on Ber Elias road in central Bekaa.

According to an ISF statement, the police traced the whereabouts of one of the kidnappers and managed to free the two captives. The statement added that Internal Security Forces (ISF) questioned the two Syrians before handing them to the General Security.

The report did not indicate whether the Syrians were residing in Lebanon or refugees who escaped the brutal crackdown by the regime of president Bashar al Assad . Thousands of Syrians fled to Lebanon following the uprising that began last March 15 .

The report also did not reveal the identity of the kidnappers. Many Syrian activists have been kidnapped in Lebanon since last March