Gaddafi sons just slipped away


Libya’s former deputy ambassador to the UN says rebels had two of Muammar Gaddafi’s sons in custody but somehow allowed them to slip away.

Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi, who with other diplomats has continued to work at the Libyan mission since disavowing Gaddafi in February, said on Tuesday the Libyan leader’s sons, including heir apparent Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, had been in rebel custody but their captors evidently were not watching them carefully.

“This is a popular revolution,” said the former envoy, who has remained in close contact with the rebels since his defection. The rebels “don’t have any training in the field of security”, he added.

Dabbashi said he expects Libya will be “totally liberated” and the country to be “totally calm” within three days.

He said the rebel government would work with the International Criminal Court in the prosecution of Gaddafi and his top lieutenants, but hoped that any trials would be held inside Libyan territory.

– AP