Jumblatt ministers may quit cabinet over electoral law


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt called for preserving the current electoral law in the upcoming parliamentary elections during   an Iftar at al Irfan school in the Shouf region of Mt Lebanon on Saturday.

According to al Diyar newspaper Jumblatt is determined to fight any changes in the electoral law and if the cabinet adopts proportional representation in  a new law then Jumblatt may withdraw all his 3 ministers from the cabinet .

I would rather win or lose [the elections] among my own people in the Shouf region and Ikleem al-Kharoub, rather than ‘melt’ in bigger districts ,” Jumblatt  said during the al Irfan school iftar adding “it is better to postpone the discussion about an electoral law [based on proportional representation], and maintain the status quo in order to preserve diversity”.

Al Diyar  reported  that  Jumblatt’s relationship with Prime Minister Nagib Mikati and President Michel Suleiman is on the rocks because Mikati  and Suleiman agreed on amending the electoral draft bill to  call  for proportional representation without consulting him.