Hariri: Lebanon cannot remain silent, condemns Hama massacre


Former PM Saad Hariri condemned on Sunday the “massacre” in the Syrian city of Hama and also condemned all the “bloody murders” in the cities of Edleb, Daraa, Deir az-Zour as well as other Syrian towns and cities.

Silence on the Arab and international levels regarding what is happening in Syria, particularly in Hama which has previously witnessed “massacres” in the 1980’s, leads to the loss of more Syrian people’s lives, Hariri added.

“We in Lebanon cannot remain silent regarding the bloody developments in Syria under any circumstances. We call on all those concerned to address the current situation so the Syrian people can overcome the painful ordeal they are going through as soon as possible.”

The international community has condemned the brutal crackdown on Syrian protesters that left more than 145 people dead on Sunday. The major tank assault in the city of Hama, where President Bashar al Assad’s father crushed an armed Islamist uprising 19 years ago, was one of the bloodiest days of the five-month long revolt.