A Syrian youth murders a woman in Metn after attempted rape


A 16-year-old Syrian boy slit an elderly Lebanese woman’s throat after he attempted to rape her in her own apartment in the the Metn town of Dahr as-Sawan.

The boy, identified as W.H., confessed to murdering the 77-year-old woman after she resisted his assault, the National News Agency reported on Friday.

“He said he tried to rape her… She resisted and asked him to leave her apartment, but he hit her on the face, after which she lost consciousness,” the report said.

It further added that the perpetrator “dragged the unconscious victim to her bedroom and decided to kill her, because he feared she might report him to the authorities.”

“W.H. brought a kitchen knife, slit the woman’s throat and then wiped his fingerprints off the knife.”

According to the NNA, the Internal Security Forces Information Branch and the Broumana police department uncovered the identity of the assailant after launching extensive investigations. The crime was re-enacted on Friday, the report added.

It also said that the assailant lived in the same building as the victim, who was only identified as G.S.

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