Lebanon needs more tourists


According to a report by Al Mustaqbal Newspaper the number of tourists has dropped dramatically since a year ago. The total number of tourists in June was 177, 915 which represents 23.05 % drop from June 2010 when the total number was 231, 212 .

The number of tourists from the Arab countries has dropped even more from 81,097 in June 2010 to 54,140 in June 2011 or about a drop of one third.

Hotel Owners Syndicate Association president Pierre Ashqar said even though the occupancy rate at the hotels in the capital is now around 80 % the hotels are still losing money, because the the hotels were hurting badly before the cabinet was formed and the peak season will end by August 1 when the holy month of Ramadan starts . He added That had there been stability in Lebanon the occupancy rate at the hotels in the capital should have been 100%.

He said there is no way to recoup the losses this year if the tourism situation does not get any better

He urged the government to get the vote of confidence of the Arabian Gulf counties , saying getting it from the Lebanese parliament is not enough