Charbel: Intelligence Bureau played key role in freeing Estonians


Lebanon Interior Minister Marwan Charbel revealed on Thursday that the Intelligence Bureau played a major role in the release of the Estonians, while the French Embassy coordinated the issue and followed up on it.

“Security forces participated in the mission to find the Estonians from afar so as not to ‘mess up’ issues, and you will see the results of the investigation soon.” .

The seven abducted Estonians were released at released at 5 a.m. Thursday

Charbel revealed that nine people were arrested in the case, including Lebanese and different nationals.

Charbel stressed: “The abductors had no demands and the Estonians will be debriefed to uncover all details.”

The seven Estonians are Kalev Kaosaar, August Tillo, Madis Paluoja, Priit Raistik, Jaan Jagomagi, Andre Pukk and Martin Metspalu.

They were kidnapped in the Bekaa valley on March 23.

They had been shown appealing for help in videos posted on the Internet in April and May.

A third video was emailed to several of their relatives in June.

FPM leader attacked the Intelligence Bureau on several occasions and this week called it illegal.