MP jisr accuses Mikati of slander


Future Movement MP Samir al-Jisr responded to Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s press conference by accusing him of slandering the opposition

What Mikati said today is slander against us, Jisr told Future TV

Earlier today said “the opposition should be peaceful and constructive.”

“We were hopeful that Mikati’s first appearance would wiser and more moderate, and not one in of making accusations.”

He added : Mikati knows very well that the Future Movement never resorted to using weapons, and we were always the ones calling for ending illegitimate arms,” a possible reference to the Iranian and Syrian backed Hezbollah militants

Similarly Future Movement MP Ahmad Fatfat said Mikati’s veiled accusations do not send a healthy signal .

Armed clashes erupted earlier in the day in Tripoli following a rally in support of Syrian protesters. The security official of the Arab Democratic Party, Ali Fares was killed and 5 others including one army soldier and a seven year old child .At least 10 others were reportedly injured

Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh have been in recent years the scene of intense clashes between Sunni supporters of Lebanon’s former PM Saad Hariri and Alawite Muslims who are loyal to the Hezbollah-led coalition backed by Iran and Syria



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