Mikati criticizes Arslan’s handling of his resignation


Prime Minister Najib Mikati questioned criticized the behavior of Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan and the way he resigned from the cabinet shortly following its formation earlier in the day.

Mikati told New TV that Arslan should have submitted a letter, which could then be discussed with the president.

“I wonder about the behavior of Arslan ,” Mikati said, in a reference to Arslan’s speech earlier in the day slamming Mikati.

Arslan announced his resignation during a press conference and accused PM Nagib Mikati of lying and causing a rift between him , MP Walid Jumblatt and MP Michel Aoun.

He said “I cannot sit next to a man like Mikati in the same cabinet ”

He said “Mikati lied to all the Lebanese and caused rifts between many people , he thinks he is the smartest and this is something we cannot accept”. He added :” I have lost all confidence in Mikati and his abilities to seriously run the country”.

Arslan was always insisting on being allocated a ministerial portfolio , but instead he was assigned a ministry of state . He accused Mikati of discriminating against the Druze community.

Ministries of state are usually used as a filler to complete the lineup.