Nadim Gemayel: This is an Assad government


MP Nadim Gemayel , a key member of the Phalange party said on Monday that all the ministers in the new cabinet were selected by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and are followers of Syria and Hezbollah .

“It is obvious that the cabinet is that of Assad, and proof to that is that Assad immediately called President Michel Suleiman and Speaker Nabih Berri to congratulate them on the cabinet formation,” Gemayel told MTV.

Gemayel questioned the imbalance in the cabinet calling it unprecedented move on the part of Hezbollah:

“If Hezbollah decided this time to let the Shiites have one less cabinet seat and the Sunnis one more cabinet , nothing can prevent it next time to give the Christians one less seat .”

The new Lebanese cabinet was formed on Monday after almost five months of deliberations between the Syrian-backed March 8 parties.

Gemayel congratulated Assad on cabinet formation: