A grenade hurled at parked vehicles in Ain al-Rummaneh


An unknown assailant reportedly hurled a percussion grenade near two parked vehicles next to Sayyidat al-Khalas church in Ain al-Rummaneh, causing material damage only, National news Agency reported.

The security forces rushed to the scene, NNA said and added that they launched an investigation into the incident.

In another security incident two armed parties clashed in Beirut’s Shiyyah neighborhood at dawn on Sunday, NNA reported without identifying the gunmen or the cause of the incident

NNA said the parties exchanged fire with automatic rifles at around 3:00 am.

Shiyyah is a Hezbollah stronghold near Beirut’s southern suburbs.

The security forces reportedly rushed to the scene to end the clash



2 responses to “A grenade hurled at parked vehicles in Ain al-Rummaneh”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Hmmm … who’s ‘security forces’ ?

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    Hmmm … who’s ‘security forces’ ?

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