Jumblatt proposed a solution to the June 8 meeting


Progressive Socialist party leader MP Walid Jumblatt proposed a solution to the June 8 parliamentary session that Speaker Nabih Berri called for , Al Hayat newspaper reported.

His proposal call for giving priority to the issue of extending the term of Central bank Governor Riad Salameh. Jumblatt wants this issue to be the first on the agenda instead of being number 36. In such a case he and his bloc members will attend and will leave as soon as the bill on the term for Salameh is voted on.

Berri according to al Hayat may not accept Jumblatt’s proposal because as soon as the PSP leader leaves the parliament with the members of his bloc it will lead to the loss of meeting quorum ( 64 +1) and therefore he cannot continue with the legislative session, knowing that PM designate Nagib Mikati and his bloc members will also boycott the session.

According to analysts the maximum number of MPs that Berri could muster for this session is 58 out of 128 member parliament.

In a related development An Nahar reported that discussions are ongoing over holding an extraordinary meeting for the caretaker cabinet to renew the term of Salameh. President Michel Suleiman and Caretaker PM Saad Hariri are both reportedly in favor of such plan



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