Syrian Revolution accuses the regime of lying about security members killed


The Facebook group, The Syrian Revolution 2011, which boasts about 200,000 followers and which has emerged as the organizing force behind the demonstrations that have been demanding “freedom” in Syria has accused the Syrian authorities of lying about the number of Syrian security forces that were killed

in the northern Syrian city of Jisr Al-Shugur on Monday.

“We know who are our martyrs are and can name each one of them , where are your victims murderous regime ?” The group asked and added

“We urge the free media to ask the murderous regime to make public the list of Security men killed and we are ready to provide the media with the name of every one of our 1300 martyrs that were killed during our peaceful revolution. We can provide their names, where and when killed and we challenge the regime to do the same .

State-run Syrian television reported that 80 members of Syria’s security forces were killed on Monday; 40 members were killed in an ambush by “armed gangs” in the city and that some of the bodies were mutilated and thrown along the banks of the Assi River, three were killed when government buildings were set afire and another 37 were killed in clashes at a security center.



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