Hezbollah, allies not serious about forming a cabinet, report


Najib MikatiKuwait newspaper al Seyassah quoted March 14 sources as saying that the Hezbollah led March 8 alliance is not serious about forming a new cabinet and for this reason new obstacles pop up on regular basis just to make sure no cabinet is formed , despite the fact that it has been now 4 months since Hezbollah picked PM designate Nagib Mikati as its PM candidate

The sources revealed that neither Tehran nor Damascus are in a hurry to see a government in Lebanon as long as the uprising in Syria continues.

The sources also revealed that March 14 is not interested in a national unity government , unless the current PM Designate or his replacement commits to supporting the Special Tribunal for Lebanon ( STL) and opposing the the non state weapons ( Hezbollah’s) . “Unfortunately Mikati refused to commit” , the sources said.

The sources stressed that Mikati has become a hostage of those who nominated him to be the PM designate and for this reason he is better off freeing himself from them by forming a technocrat cabinet and in such a case March 14 will seriously consider giving such a cabinet its vote of confidence