Hezbollah slams president obama’s speech


Hezbollah on Friday issued a statement on Friday slamming US President Barack Obama’s Thursday speech on US policy in the Middle East and North Africa .

“ The speech reflects US policies aiming to deceive public opinion and cover up US-Zionist crimes,” the statement said.

“The US administration was until recently the major ally and the biggest supporter of Arab dictatorships, while now it is trying to act like the best friend of the Arab people,” the statement added.

Hezbollah added that the US did not learn from its previous strategic failures in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In a related development Hezbollah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem accused the March 14 alliance of playing a role in the U.S.-Israeli scheme, “as they’re confronting the Resistance instead of confronting the Israeli enemy. They’re also targeting Syria ”

Hezbollah is considered by the US as a terrorist organzation

President Barack Obama delivered his speech on US policies in Middle East and Africa in which he outlined the U.S. position and its unwavering support for a set of core principles: opposition to the use of violence and repression; protection for universal rights including free speech, peaceful assembly, freedom of religion, equality for men and women; and support for political and economic change in the Middle East and North Africa that can meet the legitimate aspirations of people throughout the region.

He also addressed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying, “the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines.”

Obama also said the Syrian President faces the choice of either leading a democratic transition in his country or getting out of the way.

Obama on Wednesday sanctioned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and six top aides over their crackdown on popular protests.