israel to complain to UN against Syria, Lebanon over Nakba clashes


Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on Monday that the Israeli delegation to the United Nations will file a complaint to the UN Security Council against Syria and Lebanon regarding Sunday’s Nakba Day border clashes

Haaretz said Israel wants to file a complaint against Syria and Lebanon for violating international law and violating UN Security Council resolutions when Nakba Day protesters from Syria and Lebanon clashed with IDF forces and infiltrated into Israel.

This comes after the Lebanese delegation to the UN filed a complaint against Israel after the Lebanese army said that 10 people were killed and 112 were wounded in Maroun a-Ras when IDF troops opened fire on peaceful demonstrators trying to cross the border.

Lebanese officials called on the UN to “denounce this act of violence and Israel’s disregard for Lebanese sovereignty and UN resolutions.”

Photo: A Syrian protester waves a flag after crossing the border fence between Syria and Israel during a demonstration marking “Nakba” near the northern village of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights May 15, 2011.