Lebanon cabinet: 1 army officer picked for interior ministry


OTV reported Wednesday evening that an army officer has been chosen to become the new interior minister out of the three suggested candidates.

The decision was made during a meeting at PM Designate Nagib Mikati’s residence in Verdun. The meeting was attended by Gebran Bassil who represented his father-in law MP Michel Aoun, Ali Hasan Khalil who represented Speaker Nabih Berri and Hussein Khalil who represented Hezbollah chief

The breakthrough came as the result of the meeting between Mikati and Suleiman during which the president reportedly agreed in principle on the formula suggested by Mikati regarding the ministry of interior

NBN reported that Intensive talks are taking place to end the impasse

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Update : the agreement was reached to grant the controversial interior ministry portfolio to retired Internal Security Forces Maj. Gen. Marwan Charbel.

The Interior Ministry will be part of President Michel Suleiman’s cabinet share, reported Al-Jumhuriya newspaper, adding that two other names were nominated for the ministerial portfolio. They are:

Former Chairman of the Bar Association Chakib Qortbawi

Former Gendarmerie Commander Antoine Chakkour

Charbel is a friend of the president while his son-in-law, known to be a high ranking FPM official, is among other relatives with close ties to Aoun.

Aoun according to presidential sources wanted his son-in-law resigned Energy Minister Gebran Bassil to take over the ministry of interior while president Suleiman wanted a centrist