US tells Syria: Stop aiding Hezbollah, repect Lebanon’s sovereignty


During an interview with Radio Sawa on Monday, US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford said the U.S. has information that the Syrian government is transporting weapons and military equipment to Hezbollah . He called on Syrian leaders to immediately stop aiding Hezbollah and to recognize Lebanon’s sovereignty.

“There is information that arms and military equipment are being transferred to Hezbollah from Syria,” said Ford.

“The American administration is asking Syria to stop military aid to Hezbollah immediately and to recognize Lebanon’s sovereignty in line with friendly relations and respect for each country’s sovereignty,” Ford said.

Ford also spoke about the unrest in Syria, criticized the government over dealing with peaceful protests in a violent manner and urged a dialogue with representatives of the opposition.

“There is no serious political dialogue in Syria despite current popular protests,” he added.

Radio Sawa is an Arabic language radio station funded by the U.S. Congress and the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Earlier this month the United States imposed sanctions on three senior Syrian officials, Syria’s intelligence agency, and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard following U.S. President Barack Obama’s repeated appeals to the Syrian leadership to end the violent crackdown.

Rights groups say more than 800 people were killed and 8,000 jailed or gone missing in the crackdown on Syrian protestors since mid-March.