Tens of thousands protest in Syria, update


Tens of thousands of Syrians demonstrated on” Friday of Anger” in solidarity with the besieged city of Daraa and demanding political freedoms, in defiance of heavy army and security forces deployment.

Demonstrations erupted in the center and suburbs of Damascus , Homs , Hama, Banias , Latakia , Salmiyeh, Deir el Zour, Daraa and Aleppo Syrian Revolution Facebook group reported on its website .

The group reported that the army fired at the protesters . Three were reported killed in Daraa and they were identified as Mohammad Qassem al Shaqran, Ayman Mohammad al Shaqran, Ahmad Mohammad al Shaqran.

Daraa remains without power , water , doctors and baby milk according to witnesses

The group also reported that the army is preventing the people in Douma from going to the mosque for Friday prayers.

The group also reported that protest erupted in Tel Kalakh. Hundreds of Syrians fled during the past 2 days to Wadi Khalid area in north Lebanon .

Updates: Syrian parliament website hacked

Yahoo! News reported Friday that the website of the Syrian parliament was hacked earlier in the day. The parliament’s website is currently down.

Rights activists told AFP that at least seven people were shot dead and dozens wounded at the hands of Syrian security forces at the entrance to the southern town of Daraa.

Al-Jazeera reported that Syrian security forces opened fire on thousands of villagers marching towards Daraa, wounding dozens.

– Nearly 800 Jordanians demonstrated in the northern town of Ramtha ( 95 kilometers north of Amman) on Friday in solidarity with Syrians in the nearby flashpoint town of Daraa across the border, police said.

“A protest march by nearly 800 people began after Friday prayers” at the Omari Mosque in the center of Ramtha and proceeded to the border crossing, Jordanian police spokesperson Mohammad Khatib told AFP.

Military official source told governmeet owned Syrian TV that an armed terrorist group raided a military checkpoint in Daraa, killing four soldiers and abducting two others.

Unconfirmed reports point to defections in the army in Daraa and attribute the killing of the 4 soldiers to soldiers loyal to the Assad regime

Syrian Revolution: The city of Hama is under the control of the protesters where tens of thousands are protesting . There is breakdown in security

At least 16 Daraa villagers were killed in clashes during anti-regime protests at the entrance of the Syrian city of Daraa on Friday activists told AFP

Al-Jazeera: National Works Committee in Suweida city ( Jabal Arab )condemns security forces’ actions against protestors