Minister Mneimneh: Hezbollah is the biggest loser


Caretaker Minister of Education Dr. Hassan Mneimneh’s told al Liwa newspaper that MP Michel Aoun sees a golden opportunity in the upcoming government of PM designate Nagib Mikati to score personal and political gains.

Commenting on Aoun’s interest in acquiring the ministry of interior Mneimneh said : The ministry of Interior should be neutral and not part of any political party because the parliamentary elections are just around the corner .

Mneimneh accused the Hezbollah -led March 8 alliance of plotting to amend the Taif Accord with the aim of undermining the role of the prime minister in forming the cabinet and turning him into a false witness. He predicted the governent will collapse as soon as it is formed , because the March 8 leaders intend to disable all the state institutions.

He added that the government of Mikati will be illegal and unconstitutional because it is the product of a coup against the National Unity Government of caretaker PM Saad Hariri. He said the biggest loser is Hezbollah because its weapon are no longer a national consensus specially after it turned them against the Lebanese citizens.