Syria urges legal against Lebanon MP


Syria’s ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali urged the Lebanese authorities on Thursday to take legal action following Syria’s allegations that an Lebanese MP was funding and arming protesters in Syria.

He told Hezbollah’s Intiqad website that the action is needed ” in order to preserve brotherly ties between the two countries,”

Ali’s comments came a day after Syrian state-run television aired “testimonies” of three people saying they had received funds and weapons from Lebanese MP Jamal al-Jarrah to incite demonstrations and instability in Syria with the aim of toppling the regime, according to the report of the state owned Syrian TV.

Jarrah denied on Wednesday the report:

“We have neither the ability nor the intent to interfere in Syria’s domestic affairs,” Jarrah told LBC stressing “Interfering in Syria’s internal affairs is out of the question”

“We do not allow anyone to interfere in Lebanese internal affairs. If Syria has a case to discuss, it can address the government and the judiciary through the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” He said

The campaign accusing March 14 figures of involvement in Syrian unrest was launched from Lebanon and not from Syria, Jarrah also said, adding that some Lebanese media outlets are participating in this campaign.

“We know of the good ties between the March 8 camp and the Syrian regime,” Jarrah stressed.

Jarrah added that he expects “more fabrications”“ after outgoing Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s statements over Iranian interferences in Bahrain.”

“The Syrian ambassador confirmed that interference by some Lebanese parties in the events in Syria and the confessions aired on television are very dangerous and could harm … brotherly ties between Lebanon and Syria,” Intiqad reported

Ali said that agreements signed between Lebanon and Syria dictated that the judiciary should automatically take action in the case. However, he stopped short of openly accusing Jarrah of inciting dissent in Syria.