Protests in south Lebanon over illegal construction, update


The residents of Ouzai district south of Beirut and southern town of Tayr Debba blocked the roads and set tires on fire to protest against Internal Security Forces’ actions to prevent them from illegal construction on Lebanon’s public properties.

Responding to the protests Speaker Nabih Berri said during his weekly meeting with MPs on Wednesday that he was exerting all efforts to solve what he called the chaos of illegal construction on public property in the south.

As Safir daily reported that there were more than 500 illegal construction violations in southern Lebanon.

Around 1,000 residential units were built on thousands of acres of public property, according to As Safir

“This issue causes chaos and strife,” Berri reportedly said.

Ouzai district , a Hezbollah and Amal stronghold was all constructed on public properties according to local reports.


The residents of south Lebanon also blocked on Wednesday the main road between the cities of Sidon and Tyre to protest against Internal Security Forces’ who are trying prevent them from illegal construction on Lebanon’s public properties

National News Agency reported that the residents used burnt tires to block the road

“Women and children gathered on the road to protest against banning them from constructing on public properties,” the report added.

Interior Minister Ziad Baroud said earlier today that his ministry insists on the enforcement of law that bans construction on public properties .

Update : 3 members of Internal Security forces were injured when the protesters attacked them with stones and gunfire