Peace plan : Libyan rebels say Gaddafi must go


Rebels based in east Libya will look at an African Union-backed plan aimed at ending a conflict but insist that leader Muammar Gaddafi must leave office, a rebel spokesman said on Monday.

“The Libyan people have made it very clear that Gaddafi must step down, but we will consider the proposal once we have more details, and respond,” spokesman Mustafa Gheriani told Reuters.

He was speaking before the arrival of an African Union delegation in the eastern Libyan stronghold of Benghazi.

Gheriani said he was surprised by comments from South African President Jacob Zuma suggesting he would not travel with other African leaders to Benghazi. “We are wondering why President Zuma is not coming,” Gheriani said.

Zuma had met Gaddafi in Tripoli. Reuters