Siniora: ‘How can a sane man overlook this truth?’


Former Lebanese Prime minister and current Lebanon First bloc leader MP Fouad Siniora slammed Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah for ignoring the role of Saudi Arabia in rebuilding Lebanon after the 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel .

“How can a sane man overlook this truth?” Siniora said calling Nasrallah’s deliberate attempt to overlook Saudi’s role in rebuilding Lebanon an act of injustice.

Saudi Arabia funded the construction of several residential buildings that were destroyed during the 2006 war on Lebanon, the National News Agency quoted Siniora as saying. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait also made Billion Dollar deposits in the Lebanese central bank in order to

maintain the value of the Lebanese currency ( The Lebanese pound)

In his speech last night Nasrallah attacked Caretaker PM Saad Hariri for criticizing Iran’s interference in Lebanon and the Arab world. He credited Iran with rebuilding Lebanon after the 2006 war .

– “If it were not for Iran’s support of Lebanon following the 2006 July War, a lot of houses would not have been rebuilt. ” Nasrallah said and added: ” We cannot remain silent, especially when a premier makes comments against Iran and makes it out to be the root of all problems in Arab world”.

Nasrallah added : “We are proud that we are allied with Iran and Syria. We have nothing to hide. ”

As soon as the 2006 war started Nasrallah appeared on TV and announced that Iran will pay for rebuilding whatever is destroyed in the war with” Halal” money.

But the Halal money never showed up. The Lebanese government did not receive a penny from Iran ( whatever money was sent from Iran came to Hezbollah directly in cash ) , even though the war devastated the whole country. Over 1200 Lebanese were killed mostly civilians ,the Lebanese infrastructure was devastated , over 1 million became homeless , mostly Shiites from the south and over 120, 000 housing units were destroyed mostly of Shiite residents in south Lebanon and southern Beirut suburbs …the damages were estimated by UN at over $15 billion.

Instead of putting pressure on Iran to deliver on its promises Hezbollah and its allies occupied downtown Beirut and tried to overthrow the government for not paying quickly enough for rebuilding the south. They forced the Lebanese government which is heavily indebted to borrow more money to help rebuild what was destroyed during the 34 day war . If it wasn’t for Saudi Arabia help many houses in south Lebanon would never have been rebuilt according to financial analysts.