March 14 wins big in Tripoli engineering syndicate elections


March 14 alliance members won big the engineering syndicate elections in Tripoli according to local reports .

The results were reported as follows:

List headed by March 14 : Syndicate chief Bashir Zouk 1087 votes, Samer Zammar 1016 votes, votes Mohammed Hazim 1013, Nicolas Suleiman 977 votes , Fadi Harb 870votes.

List headed by Hezbollah-led March 8 alliance: Abdel Monem Alam Eddine ( head of the list) 687 votes, Adnan Adra 733 votes, Haithem Adr 727 votes, Elie Melhem 630 votes, Badwan Jabbour 533 votes.

In Beirut the elections results have not been reported yet , but according to local reports 19 ballot boxes ( out of 25 ) have been counted so far the results of which indicate that March 8 alliance slightly ahead of the March 14 alliance

Update: March 8 won the engineering syndicate elections in Beirut: The head of the March 8 list Elie Bsaibis won 286 more votes than March 14 candidate Imad Wakim.

Following the elections Hezbollah engineers were reportedly distributing banners that read : “The engineers said yes to Hezbollah arms”