Helou: Suleiman should not have a share in the cabinet


During an interview with Voice of Beirut radio, Free patriotic Movement MP Michel Helou reiterated the demands of his his boss and said on Thursday that their parliamentary bloc “will not relinquish its demand for the Interior Ministry portfolio.

Like his boss he also said that Lebanese President Michel Suleiman does not need a cabinet share since this is not stipulated in the Constitution, Helou told Voice of Beirut radio.

FPM leader Michel Aoun said on March 1:

“Nothing in the constitution determines the shares of the country’s president in the cabinet. The president abides by the law but he does not rule. Granting the president specific cabinet shares is a violation of the constitution.”

President Suleiman was represented by 3 ministers in the cabinet of outgoing PM Saad Hariri and is reportedly keen on keeping the ministries of defense and interior for the sake of stability in Lebanon