Assad won’t speak tonight, report


The Syrians have been waiting to watch and hear what the embattled Syrian president Bashar al Assad was going too say

Government officials announced earlier that Assad, planned to address the nation on Sunday night.

But Al Jazeera international correspondent Rula Amin tweeted this evening that Assad is not expected to speak tonight.

Assad has stayed out of sight during more than a week of unrest that has left at least 61 dead and threatens his own 11-year presidency and more than 40 years of his family’s iron-fisted rule.

Syrian Revolution 2011 urged all Syrians to participate in the millions people protest this evening at the Omayyad mosque in Damascus following the evening prayer. They stressed that they are expecting a lot more than 1 million people in this Sunday rally in support of the people of Latakia.

Reports from Syria indicated that the regime is not taking any chances and has sealed off large sections of Damascus . The regime also urged people earlier to boycott the rally.

Update; Plain-clothes Syrian police broke up a protest after Friday prayers at the main mosque in central Damascus, dragging away at least two activists, AFP reporters witnessed.

“There is no God but God,” a crowd inside the Omayyed Mosque chanted in crescendo after Friday prayers at noon.

Dozens of security agents who had gathered outside the mosque during the prayers, pulled out batons as soon as the chants broke out and detained at least two people, beating one who resisted and kicking him in the nose.