Jumblatt: Returning to dialogue is a must


Addressing a gathering at his residence in Mukhtara on Wednesday March 16 the day that marks the 34th anniversary of the assassination of his father, MP Walid Jumblatt said:

“Despite tension in the country, returning to dialogue is a must, along with protecting gains, sacrifices and principles for the sake of an Arab nationalist Lebanon that confronts Israel.”

Kamal Jumblatt ,   the founder of the progressive socialist Party ( PSP) was assassinated near Baakleen Shouf on March 16, 1977, along with his 2 bodyguards Fawzi Shedid and Hafez Ghseini .

In June 2005, former secretary general of the Lebanese Communist Party George Hawi claimed in an interview with al Jazeera, that Rifaat al-Assad, brother of Hafez al Assad and uncle of Syria’s current President Bashar al-Assad, had been behind the killing of Jumblatt. It is widely believed in Lebanon that Syria was also behind Hawi’s death in a car bomb, some days later.

MP Bahia Hariri ( pictured above), sister of the late Lebanese premier Rafik Hariri and former Tripoli MP Mosbah Ahdab, 2 key members of March 14’s alliance attended the commemoration and held talks with Jumblatt.

“This visit is to take part in marking martyr Kamal Jumblatt’s assassination ,” Hariri told reporters .

As Safir reported late Wednesday that Jumblatt is planning to visit Syria on Thursday to meet with General Mohammad Nassif ( Abu Wael) , who is closely associated with president Bashar al Assad to discus the situation in Lebanon and the region.

The Commemoration that marks the 34th anniversary of the assassination of PSP founder Kamal Jumblatt, father of MP Walid Jumblatt, was held on March 16 in Mukhtara


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