Makari: Countdown to the logic of ‘statelet’ has started


Deputy Speaker of the Lebanese parliament Farid Makari commented in a statement about Sunday’s rally in Martyr’s square, which he called the “Freedom square ” by saying :

“The Lebanese have proven once again, they are alive, vibrant and tireless in their struggle for true independence , full sovereignty, nation-building and support for its institutions.”

Makari thanked the Lebanese in general and the people of his hometown in Quora in particular for their participation in the huge rally “to revive the memory of the Cedar Revolution”, stressing that “the great scene imposes itself as an essential element in the next phase.”

Responding to comments by the Hezbollah-led March 8 supporters who tried to play down the numbers of the participants by saying : “let them stop counting the zeros and of seeking to play down the magnitude of the attendance and the diversity of its participants , and let them understand that the countdown to the logic of statelet has started. All they have to do is look at the scene of Freedom Square on Sunday that reflected the aspirations of the overwhelming majority of Lebanese, and their rejection of non-state weapon . ” In reference to Hezbollah’s state within a state and its illegal weapons

Females supporter of March 14, during Sunday's rally with the Lebanese flag painted on their face

In a country of 4 million people, more than one million Lebanese of all faiths… Christians, Druze , Muslim Shiites and Sunnis demanded that Hezbollah be disarmed as they rallied to mark the sixth anniversary of the Cedar Revolution, the uprising which inspired the recent revolts in the Middle East, International news agencies reported.



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