Haber: Revolution against the March 8 coup begins after the rally


Phalange party parliamentary bloc MP Fadi al-Haber said in an interview with Al-Balad newspaper to be published on Friday that the revolution against the coup of the March 8 parties will begin after March 14’s Sunday rally.

The revolution against the March 8 camp’s coup will begin after the March 13 rally to restore the state institutions, settle the issue of Hezbollah’s arms, implement the Taif Accord, and disarming all militants,” he said

March 14 marks the 6th anniversary of the Cedar revolution when over 1 million Lebanese gathered in down Beirut to protest against the murder of the the late PM Rafik Hariri and called on Syrian troops to leave Lebanon. The Syrian troops withdrew in April 2005, but the Syrian regime retained its influence through Hezbollah and its March 8 allies

The March 14 coalition is holding the rally on Sunday March 13 “to reaffirm its commitment to the principles of the Cedar Revolution” , according to a Future Movement statement

Hariri vowed last week to fight the use of non-state weapons “peacefully and democratically.”