Obama warns Gaddafi as France UK draft no-fly zone resolution


Britain and France are drafting a U.N. resolution that would establish a no-fly zone in Libya.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague told the House of Commons Monday that Britain is “working closely with partners on a contingency basis on elements of a resolution on a no-fly zone.”

A British diplomat at the U.N. stressed that the draft resolution is being prepared in case it is needed but no decision has been made to introduce it at the Security Council. He spoke on condition of anonymity because the draft has not been made public.

Rebel fighters have urged establishment of a no-fly zone, saying they can take on Moammar Gadhafi’s elite ground forces, but are outgunned if he uses his air power.

Obama warns

US President Barack Obama warned Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and his aides today that they will be held accountable for war crimes, and that the U.S. and NATO are considering possible responses that include potential military action.

“We’ve got NATO as we speak consulting in Brussels around a wide range of potential options, including potential military options, in response to the violence that continues to take place inside of Libya,” Obama told reporters after a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Obama did not specify any of those options — such as the much-discussed proposal to establish a no-fly zone over Libya — but said he wanted “to send a very clear message to those who are around Colonel Gadhafi.”

WP, USA today