Lebanon speaker writes to Chavez about Gaddafi’s crimes


Speaker Nabih Berri sent a letter to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez “explaining the crimes of Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi that have trespassed the borders of his country.”

Berri said in his letter that Gaddafi committed a “crime against Lebanon and humanity by hiding Lebanon’s Shia leader Imam Moussa al-Sadr in 1978,” the National News Agency reported on Thursday.

“The current revolt of the Libyan people expresses what they have endured from their ruler Qaddafi,” Berri said.

Addressing Chavez, Berri said “I wanted to clarify the image of this criminal Gaddafi with the hope of supporting the Libyan people and helping us free Sadr .”

The Amal Movement – currently headed by Berri – accuses Libya of being responsible for the 1978 disappearance of its founder, Sadr. Qaddafi has repeatedly denied involvement.

Chavez has stood up for his longtime ally Gaddafi, calling for an international peace mission to mediate the current unrest in Libya and prevent civil war. Now Lebanon

The two leaders have paid each other visits in recent years, and ties are so close that Qaddafi was rumored at one point to have fled to Caracas.