Jumblatt applauds youth protest, says sectarian system must end


Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt stated on Monday that the time has come to eliminate the “dark” sectarian system in Lebanon that “has infiltrated every aspect of our political, economic, social, and educational life.”

He said in an editorial: “The sectarian system is widening the national divide instead of bridging the gap. Sectarianism should be eliminated as soon as possible because it leaves generations of Lebanese prisoners of discrimination between citizens.”

Jumblatt commended Sunday’s youth anti-confessionalism rally, which he said may pose a suitable mechanism to create a new reality on the ground, similar to the youth movements in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen that have or started to create change to the system of rule.

“The persistence of the current failed political system will create future political crises as we have witnessed for decades and decades,” the MP added.