Lebanon draws parallel between the Cedar Revolution, Egyptian protests


Lebanese President Michel Suleiman on Saturday expressed hope that Egypt’s political changes, including the resignation of President Hosny Mubarak, will lead to ‘the establishment of responsible constitutional bodies in Egypt.’

‘We hope that the constitutional bodies in Egypt will support the country and its people and will be based on the standards of liberty,’ a statement issued by Suleiman’s office said.

Mubarak stepped down a day earlier in the face of weeks of unprecedented street protests against his three-decade rule.

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Seniora also welcomed ‘the peaceful and democratic change in Egypt.’

Siniora said in a statement issued by his office that ‘the revolt of the Egyptian people was an honest expression of their aspirations.’

Over a million Lebanese , Chrstians, Druze and Muslims protested in downtown Beirut on March 14, 2005 demanding Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon. Syria withdraw in April 2005 after 29 years of military presence

He drew parallels between the Egyptian protests and Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution, which led to the withdrawal of Syria from Lebanon following the 2005 assassination of former premier Rafik Hariri.

Siniora also voiced hope for ‘solidarity and development based on democracy’ in Egypt. m&c