Mubarak’s Lebanese roots may be behind his defiance


Is Mubarak of Lebanese origin ?

Yes his Lebanese relative says . According to reports by Lebanon’s New TV , Marada movement website and MEMRI, Mubarak’s father came from the town of Rayfoun in Kesroan region of MT Lebanon .

He reportedly was a monk who emigrated to Egypt because his uncles were working there at the time. He was very proficient in the Arabic language and for this reason he landed a job as a private teacher of one of the daughters of an Egyptian Pasha ( Lord) . They reportedly fell in love, converted to the Muslim Sunni religion got married , had a son whom they named Hosny and the rest is history

The name of president Mubarak’s relative was withheld .

The Lebanese are worried that the Egyptian protesters will now blame Lebanon for their woos .

Lebanese politicians tend to be very stubborn and now many wonder if Mubarak’s roots have anything to do with his defiance.