Full text of the failed Saudi-Syrian settlement


“An-Nahar newspaper published ,” the complete text of the document that MP Walid Jumblatt held during his press conference and referred to when he talked about the failed Saudi Syrian “settlement”. The document shows the three demands Jumblatt mentioned that the opposition wanted from caretaker PM Saad Harir over the Special Tribunal for Lebanon , but the document also includes Hariri’s demands from the opposition which Jumblatt reportedly decided to ignore

Demands made by the al-Hariri.

Part I

– withdrawal of the false witnesses’ file .

– The withdrawal of the Syrian arrest warrants.

– a Pledge by the four officers who were arrested not to seek legal battles outside Lebanon

– Not to interfere or attack Hariri’s team: judge said Mirza – general Riffi – General Hassan .

Above should be executed in a positive manner..

The political part :

– The disarming of Palestinians who live outside the camps.

– Conversion of Intelligence department a Branch of the Security Division.

– Change the voting system for the leadership of the internal security forces.

– Refer the 69 bills which were already approved by the government of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora directly to the parliament

– Implement the Taif accord

– Address the issue of internal security outposts

Demands made by the opposition

– Abolish the cooperation agreement with the International Tribunal.

– Stop the financing of the Tribunal.

– Withdraw the Lebanese judges from the Court.