Hezbollah chief blames US, Israel for government collapse


Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah appeared on TV via video link and made his first public comments since the failure of the Saudi Syrian talks and the collapse of the Lebanon government.

He accused the US and Israel and ‘some Lebanese parties’ of rejecting the Saudi-Syrian talks and revealed the reason behind the failure of the talks:

1- it is clear that the US and Israel rejected the Saudi-Syrian talks…They let them run for some time thinking that Riyadh and Damascus would not reach an agreement, but when they saw that a solution was about to be reached, the US and Israel interfered and obstructed the process. This is the only explanation to what happened .

2- there is no doubt that some Lebanese parties were seeking to support US and Israeli aims to obstruct the talks.

3- regarding Hariri and his allies, he said at first that the [Saudi-Syrian] agreement had been achieved, but that [March 8] did not fulfill its side of the deal. This is not true. Since the Lebanese people are concerned about the situation, I want to ask: Why did we reach this phase?

4- Hariri and his allies either do not want [to negotiate] but were sticking to the talks out of Saudi pressure, or they were supporting the talks and [the efforts] were halted due to the US’ strong will.

Nasrallah said he supported the Saudi-Syrian efforts to defuse tensions in Lebanon.

“We gambled on it along with everyone who wanted what is good for Lebanon.”

He then tried to explain what was agreed to:

1- From the beginning, Saudi Arabia was very clear. the Kingdom said said that the STL cannot be abolished. We said that we understand this fact.

2- Saudi Arabia said that the STL’s indictment cannot be abolished. We also understood this fact and noted that Saudi Arabia was unable to convince the US and Israel to cancel the indictment.

3- What we wanted was :

a- To postpone the issue of the indictment

b- To contain the repercussions of the indictment.

c – to refuse the indictment ( since we believe that we are targeted by it).

Outcome of the talks

Nasrallah said the outcome of the talks was: How to neutralize Lebanon

and the decision was

1- The cabinet meets and withdraws the Lebanese judges from the STL,

2- Lebanon stops funding the tribunal

3- Lebanon’s agreement with the STL to be abrogated and the Lebanese government will not arrest those indicted by the STL.

He said Hariri and Saudi Arabia agreed to the above three conditions but in return, they stated that other conditions should be fulfilled by the March 8 coalition.

Things were going well, the atmosphere was positive, then the medical condition of the Saudi king slowed down the progress of the talks but a couple of weeks ago, we were told by Saudi Arabia that the king is adamant about the compromise.

PM Saad Hariri made a statement before he traveled to the US announcing that a Saudi-Syrian agreement had been reached…although he held [March 8] responsible [for not implementing its terms].

Hariri traveled to the US and out of nowhere, Saudi Arabia contacted Damascus, telling it that it cannot carry out the efforts and that the talks have suddenly stopped.

– We were also informed that the STL’s indictment will be issued soon.

– We then decided last week that it was better to resign from the cabinet.

He said Hezbollah will take part in the consultations but he will not announce who the opposition supports for the premiership, adding that the parliamentary blocs will announce it tomorrow.

He said foreign countries are putting pressure to rename Hariri as PM and asked :”Is this what should happen in a democratic state? Should parties be pressured by foreign states to support Hariri?”

He laid out his conditions:

– For us, as Hezbollah specifically, we might have an evaluation regarding the cabinet performance: Any new cabinet that will be formed should bear responsibility.

It is impossible to remain silent on any cabinet that will protect false witnesses.

– We will also not remain silent on any cabinet that will protect financial gaps.

– We will also not remain silent on any cabinet that neglects the demands of the people.

– We ask [upcoming cabinets] not to plot against the Resistance. We will not remain silent on that issue.



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    Heading toward the unknowing …my God have mercy on us!.

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      heading towards the unknown for sure, but to be honest I think God washed His hands of us long time ago. we have proven to be the dumbest people that have ever existed. we are making countries like sudan and somalia look good. nothing good is coming out of lebanon anymore, in australia they got us branded as rapists, and everywhere else in the world as terrorists. what can God do for us? what does God have to do with us? I say nothing, nothing at all.
      you can kiss Lebanon goodbye and say hello to hizbilkharastan, unless all Lebanese including shia rise up and throw the bastards(hizbilkhara and the armed filasteezis)out.
      do you really think this will happen though?
      our problem is we bow down to evil, thinking that the evil can be passified… evil has one objective and one objective only, to destroy all that is good.
      I have one word to say about zabrallah’s bullspit speech “TAQIYYA”.

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        Please elaborate 7akibalash. You say, “our problem is we bow down to evil”. Considering the Lebanese and global scene, who in your opinion is not bowing down to evil and who in your opinion can we consider as an ally and role model for the state of Lebanon.

        1. We just want peace for everyone and unification! This POS makes it hard for all lebanese to be united. All Ha cares about is its self! they backed out of the cabinet, not for lebanon, but for themselves. Go F yourself Hizbkhara

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          Why do you think that Lebanon should be in a constant state of conflict, with allies and enemies? Why can’t Lebanon live in peace and prosper? Now say if we were to chose a camp, would we chose the camp of the country that is internationally condemned and cast away by the world or do we chose the world? Let’s not start being smart and saying USA is Israel and all this crap. We want Lebanon to be the last country to sign a peace treaty with Israel and I would prefer that we don’t even if the rest of the world did.

          Hezbollah can take the muppet Omar Karami and %%%%%,

        3. @ukoverall
          Actually a peace treaty with Israel would be better for Lebanon than you think. What a thick-headed stooge.

  2. this man should disapear ,is a great danger to Lebanon and the region , he’s a lunatic and a criminal , already he managed to threaten the PM that belong to the president to resign or else, he’s a criminal and we need to get rid of shiite mafia leader ,

  3. Israel is not a devil he is the killer of Hariri and not Israel, him and Bashar, he could scream and shout but he’s a Mafia eader him and Aoun need to be eliminated and Assad

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    what kind of democracy you know?
    assassinating more than 15 of your own countrypoliticians
    denying the sunnis and the christians and the duruz thier rights to live in the country where they have been living for more than a thousand year
    denying there rights as a citizens who their grand father and their great grandfathers gave thier life as marthyrs defending thier country
    who gave you the right to kill those other lebaneese who had sacrificed for lebanon for years and years while you were vacationing in iraq and iran?
    who gave the right to assassin the pm rafik harriri who was the only hope for lebanon to recover from the economic disasters
    who gave you the right to attack and invade the sunnis aes and kill there children and loote there homes the sunnis commuinties have been living in lebanon for more than a thound years even loong befor you ever came ?

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    Tell me this guy and his group is not holding a gun to the Lebanese people, it sounds like 90% of you agree. HEY we must be stupid but the other 10% must hold Phd or masters and degree. But no common sense and are blinded by this donkey and its Iraian Revelutionary gaurds, is that not where Zabralla started from.

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    Nasrallah is the biggest hypocrite, and yet many believe him. He says he believes in democracy, but then says if the new government does not deal with the issues of false witnesses and “corruption”, then Hizbollah would have his say (and we all know what it means). It seemed to me that every accusation he levied against the other side was actually a description of their fascist practices. They are determined on supporting the Iranian cause against the world, even if the cost is Lebanon.

  7. This is Guy should be given the best acter award for years 2000-2011, he is so convincing and charismatic and I wish he would stick in being the head of HA but when it comes to ACTUALLY fighting with Isreal. HA should have never went into politics as they are not much of politicians to begin with.

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    Without having to comment on every item here. The first one where he said Saudis were against the STL is totally false. Saudi are supporting the STL as to date. So how could they be against it. Second the Saudi Monarch called the French president and sounded very angry with Syria that they lied to him and didn’t comply what was agreed upon. So Nassrallah put a sock in it you damned liar and arrogant bastard.

  9. March 14 leader with hariri should be steadfast with their objectif,they should stand strong with their principle and not bend over the menace of HA and march 8 leaders. Even if they want to use their power of destruction. We should not use violence against violence. They want to attack go ahead attack. We will stay alive by being true to our principle.

    And the people of lebanon will say enough…

  10. Nasrallah did not get it yet, he`s surrounded by the Sunni power from .Pakistan to Indonesia to Africa,He can`t change this fact, the Hariri killing hit the Sunni big time, this was the Saudi man in Lebanon who was assassinated by a Shiite hand ,a man who was clean from murders unlike Nasrallah and his Mughnieh right hand.Mugnie started his life by being a sniper killing Innocent civilian in Ain el Roummaneh.Nasrallah think mistakenly that Iran is enough power to count on to face the Sunni sea .
    Good advise for him to surround the killers , otherwise one day ,and surely one day he will be in Jail if not dead serving a life sentence .

    1.  Avatar

      Numbers don’t mean anything, balls are what counts !!!!!!

    2. If you think Sunni power is good for Lebanon, think again. You keep forgetting that the Civil War was started by the Sunnis in Lebanon and that the first break out of our National Army happened at the hands of Captain Khatib, with a Sunni contingency supporting the Palestinians against their brothers Christians who stood ALONE against Kissinger’s plan to eliminate the Christians and give Lebanon as a substitute for Palestine. Sunni my @ss. THINK LEBANESE! FOR GOD’S SAKE NO MORE TALK OF THIS SECT Bull$hit. Nobody gets it…

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    #1 – Kazzab
    #2 – Kazzab
    #3 – Kazzab
    #4 – Kazzab
    NA, Kol Khara ya abou nos lsan, t3allam tolfoz R abel matehke – This guy wants to turn Lebanon into a smal Iran, he is the puppet after all and when they are done with him, they will piss on his ashes. He wants to turn Lebanon into an Islamic country. NA, good luck, I am a muslim and this is not the religion you speak of. Islams does not forve to make you live under those rules, but you already know that. But what can I say, Puppet boy.
    I think the Lebanese (Druze, Muslim Shi3a, Mulim Sunni, Christians should have a demonstration and walk all the way to South of lebanon so that Hizbel Khara put their guns down like everyone did before. A demostration like the one for KICKING syria out

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    It is always Israel’s fault. After all, it was ministers Levi, Shlomo, and Goldman who resigned from the Lebanese government to help bring it down.

    The sad thing is that many believe every word this charlatan says!!

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