Explosion in Palestinian camp in south Lebanon, update


An bomb which targeted a shop owned by a Palestinian Armed Struggle official Rasmi Nasrallah at Ein el-Helweh Palestinian refugee camp exploded at 5 a.m. on Sunday,causing material damage only.

According to local reports the explosion took place at the camp’s Hattin neighborhood .

This comes a day after Jund al-Sham leader Ghandi said al-Sahmarani was found shot dead in a parking in the same camp. His hands were reportedly tied with wires and it appeared he had been killed with a single shot to the head.

No one claimed responsibility for his murder, but the head of the Palestinian Armed Struggle Mohammed Abdel Hamid Issa, known as al-Lino told NBN that his group has nothing to do with the al-Sahmarani’s death and what was required was his arrest and not killing him.

Commenting on the incident Fatah Commander in Lebanon Munir Maqdah told LBC: “Today’s blast at Ein el-Helweh could not have been politically motivated and not linked to Sahmarani’s murder.”

Update: Palestinian Armed Struggle commander in Ain el-Hilweh told New TV :” There is a desperate attempt to destabilize the security of the camp security and we have data on those who are carrying out these acts.

National News Agency (NNA) reported on Sunday that Jund al-Sham leader Ghandi al-Sahmarani’s body was transferred to his hometown of Al-Dora in Akkar for burial.



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